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Chris Light

Ogimaa Inc.
CTO, ICT4D SID-W co-chair
Washington, DC
Chris Light is a seasoned Executive, Entrepreneur, Technologist, and Program Manager with 25 years of experience. He has a global reach and global result set, including with Business Development. He currently handles a multi-agency Federal portfolio while specializing in the 3Ds (Defense, Development, and Diplomacy) and Foreign Affairs. He has undertaken Information Communication and Technology (ICT) activities worldwide, in support of all USAID Bureaus, including Agency Initiatives, and in a variety of thematic areas. He has served as part of the Technology Management group for USAID both for the Dot-Com Alliance and as part of IRM’s (now CIO) CIS (Consulting Information Services) Team, including as an Information Technology Advisor for the Presidential Initiative to End Hunger in Africa. His work has been recognized at White House and Embassy level for the Department of State, together with Administrator level for USAID. He currently serves a co-chair for ICT4D for SID-W. Chris Light has a Master’s Degree from Boston University and has a double Major/double Degree from the University of Maryland.

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