MERL Tech DC 2019 has ended

Dennis Bours

Technical Evaluation Reference Group of the Adaptation Fund
TERG Secretariat Coordinator / Evaluation Officer
Washington DC
Looking to connect with fellow environmental, climate change and sustainability focused evaluators.
Thursday, September 5

9:45am EDT

10:15am EDT

10:45am EDT

11:15am EDT

12:15pm EDT

1:15pm EDT

2:15pm EDT

2:30pm EDT

3:30pm EDT

3:45pm EDT

4:45pm EDT

5:00pm EDT

5:05pm EDT

5:15pm EDT

5:20pm EDT

5:25pm EDT

5:30pm EDT

Friday, September 6

9:15am EDT

10:00am EDT

11:00am EDT

11:30am EDT

12:30pm EDT

12:35pm EDT

12:40pm EDT

2:00pm EDT